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Fonction 1: Informatique / Electronique
Fonction 2: Journalisme / Traduction
Niveau d'expérience requis : De 1 à 3 ans
Secteur d'activité : Informatique
Région : Tout le Maroc | Maroc
Publication : du 22/08/2018 au 22/10/2018
Type de contrat : CDI
Poste avec Management : Non
Postes proposés : 10

Technical Documentation Writer - $2500/month - REMOTE WORK (Casablanca, Rabat, Fez)

Entreprise :

Who is Crossover? 

Crossover connects talent from around the world with companies who are looking to hire only the best. We have more than 1850+ people from 98 different countries working full time (40 hrs / wk) for our customers and we are growing quickly.

We are also a mission-driven company. In other words, we believe in providing high-paying people, long-term jobs / careers. We are not a marketplace in which we are looking for someone at the bottom rate for temporary work.

Finding reliable, fairly compensated freelance or contract work can be a challenge. And sifting through sites with rock-bottom rates is discouraging.

You're worth more than that. At Crossover, we understand that you're looking for long-term contracts and competitive compensation. And that's just what we have to offer, and we are looking for a more comprehensive and more flexible approach.

All of our jobs are rental-independent, designed to be multi-year in duration, and offer high rates by US standards. We match talented people with great companies for long-term, remote working relationships that are a win-win for everyone.

Only the best of the best

talent is not determined by geography, and your career path should not be. That's why we have the skills, determination, and drive to work with some of the best businesses out there. We match our Fortune 1000 with the most highly qualified talent.

Is that you? Our application process is rigorous, but if you take steps and prove your skills, your chances of being hired increase dramatically. Why? Instead of being one of the two or more applicants, you will have a traditional application process. team.

So, why do you want to join our global talent network. You'll be in good company.

What Types of Jobs Crossover Has to Offer?

Crossover offers a wide range of technical roles and a handful of Marketing, Sales, Finance, Management and Operation Roles. Backend, Frontend, DevOps, Mobile, Full Stack, Support etc. Here are a few examples of our current 100% remote job openings: Java Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Architect, Java Software Engineer, QA Engineer, Senior Ruby on Rails, Network / System Engineer with Ruby, Account Manager.

How Can You Apply For a Job at Crossover?

The businesses we represent are willing to offer, but often do not include the best candidates for each position. Are you up for the challenge?
It will not be easy - the process narrows down the pool of applicants - but if you make the cut, you're very likely to receive an offer.

These are the steps you'll go through as part of the qualification process:

  • Initial resume screen
  • Fundamentals and problem-solving test
  • English language test
  • Simulated work scenario trial
  • Interview
  • Pre-hire and background check
  • Hiring manager interview
  • Job Offer


The whole process lasts from one to three weeks. We understand that it is a lot of time to get your hands on your schedule. By asking you to invest in us, we will be interested in investing in career development and career advancement.
The biggest benefit of the Crossover is that you can do it on your own schedule. No more missing work to run to an interview; you can complete each step of the process, when you have availability. We're working in different time zones, so we'll do our best to schedule interviews at a convenient time. 


Poste :

We're running an Online Hiring Event this Saturday to hire Technical Documentation Writers (30K/yr).

This event will include all testing for the role. Upon grading the deliverables from the event, we will set up qualified candidates with an interview with the hiring manager. This is a 100% remote, full-time role.

The Technical Writer is responsible for writing and maintaining user documentation for our software products. The writer provides leadership in improving our company’s technical customer communication and documentation.

Technical Writers excel at:

  • Creating and maintaining user documentation
  • Writing for different user personas
  • Understanding technical concepts
  • Transforming complex concepts into simple instructions
  • Planning out help strategies

Profil recherché :

Candidate Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical or scientific field, or in American or English literature with a minor in a technical field, or equivalent
  • Fluency in the English language, styles, and conventions, with the ability to master technical concepts and explain them in terms appropriate for the target audience
  • 2+ years of technical writing experience in a software company. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to effectively interview subject matter experts, and to collaborate with others in writing, editing and reviewing large or complex documents
  • Experience with structured authoring standards, such as DITA, and topic-based authoring; familiarity with single-sourcing and multiple output formats such as HTML, compiled help files, PDF, etc. Working knowledge of Web formats and technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Desired Skills and Experience

  • A working understanding of programming and software architectures and/or databases Experience documenting APIs written in Java
  • Experience creating customer training course materials or videos
  • The ability to install, learn quickly, and to understand technical software, so as to be able to write about it clearly and accurately
  • Experience working in a multi-disciplined team with remote co-workers



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