Fonction 1: Communication / Publicité /...
Fonction 2: Marketing
Niveau d'expérience requis : De 3 à 5 ans
Niveau d’études: Bac +5 et plus
Secteur d'activité : Telecom
Région : Rabat et région
Publication : du 19/03/2019 au 19/05/2019
Type de formation: Non renseigné
Type de contrat : CDI
Pays : Maroc
Postes proposés : 1
Poste avec Management : Non

Community Manager (H/F) - Technopolis

Entreprise :

Partenaire des entreprises en France et dans le monde, Orange Business Services est présent dans plus de 160 pays et territoires et dispose du réseau sans couture le plus étendu au monde. Plus de 2 millions de professionnels, entreprises et collectivités en France ainsi que 3 000 multinationales nous font confiance chaque jour.

Orange Business Maroc est une entité d’Orange Business Services spécialisée dans la conception et le développement de services applicatifs et l’intégration de systèmes. Elle soutient également la croissance des services Connectivité et Services Managés.

Les projets que nous déployons pour les entreprises sont complexes et structurants pour elles. Partenaire de la transformation digitale des entreprises, nous recherchons des hommes et des femmes orientés clients, passionnés, pionniers et conquérants.

En 2018, Orange a obtenu à nouveau la certification  « Top Employer Africa 2018 » pour la cinquième année consécutive et s'est vu remettre pour la troisième fois consécutive la certification « Top Employer Global 2018 ». Cette certification consacre les meilleures politiques et pratiques en termes de programmes de ressources humaines.

Poste :

A community manager is:

Passionate:  You can learn a lot of other skills; however, passion is something you can’t fake. Most likely, you will be breaking new ground and you will contribute to change the company’s culture; it will be challenging. All great community managers — internal or external — have passion in common. They are passionate about their communities and industries, passionate about making a difference, passionate about the higher mission that the community is built for, passionate about connecting and helping people.

Inspired by service and people: Any social network —  internal or external — is ultimately all about people. As a community manager, you will be the resource for the entire community for best practices and continued support and enablement. Treat that as a badge of honor, and always focus your discussion on what you want people to do vs. what not to do.

Able to inspire others to act:  Related to the point above, the community manager, must realize that it’s all about allowing the community be a community. If your community depends on the community manager to be always present, it will fail. If your community can self-sustain, it will succeed. Thus, the job of the community manager is to encourage people to talk to each other, build relationships, work together and take ownership of parts of the community.

Well-connected: An internal community manager is very well networked in his / her organization. In a fledgling community, you have to galvanize the organization to participate and take a leap of faith with you. To that end, you need to know your colleagues, what their strengths are, and make sure you have shared goals and viewpoints.

Knows everything and is everywhere: Sometimes important discussion points and questions get overlooked and need human involvement. If you see an important question languish without an answer, you as a community manager, need to do some legwork and connect the pieces and people.

Understands existing business processes: A key differentiator between an internal and external community management is that an internal manager must understand how the business works from the inside. A successful community will bring together people from all departments and job functions for purposes ranging from innovation to planning events. The community manager must know how to flow information and issues raised in the community into the right process.

Industry and market expertise: Your internal community manager needs to be the jack of all trades and really know what’s going on in the market. The knowledge of macro and micro trends and market forces, as well as immaculate knowledge of the company, will allow this person to have interesting and enlightening conversations with others.

Proactive : A part of the job is also to make sure that our external web site is daily updated and reflects exactly what we want our visitors to see. This needs you to check on a regular basis what happens internally (products launched, events, new videos, announcements, etc) so that you can push the top information. 

Profil recherché :

We are recruiting a  Community Manager to join our center in Rabat (Technopolis).

  • Mission

 1/ Boost information sharing and awareness of our brand and solutions by building, managing and growing communities (internal)

2/ Make sure that all up to date information is published and available on OBS corporate web site on a regular basis (external)



  •  Understand what audience wants/is waiting for
  • Respond to retain members of the communities
  • Build relationships
  • Get people to talk to each other
  • Be active to connect to communities
  • Facilitate and moderate conversation
  • Become the face and ambassador of the BU
  • Encourage connections between the BU and its followers
  • Manage logistics of content creation and distribution
  • Manage calendar of the posting and distribution planning (linked to roadmap, training, events…)
  • Post on social media
  • Monitor analytics
  • Use social listening tools to monitor feedback and engagement
  • Measure by amount of likes and replies, posts
  • Steadily browse/check/update our corporate web site


  • Plazza
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • External website
  • Any other websites or platforms where we can gain visibility and credibility


  • Strong networking and communication
  • Master Orange brand voice
  • Empathy
  • Judgement
  • Organized
  • Active to connect new people to the communities
  • Creative to drive conversation and traffic on existing communities
  • Curious
  • Sociable, open to discuss with people from different teams to foster relationships

Type de contrat :