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Entreprise :

APM Terminals operates one of the world’s most comprehensive port and integrated inland service networks and continues investing in new business opportunities as well as upgrading current facilities. Project Execution (PE) is the function responsible for developing and implementing the strategy for project implementations, governance and standards to be used in the APM Terminals wide organization and is directly responsible for large CAPEX driven projects including Greenfields , major expansion as well as upgrades and retrofits to existing facilities.

We will soon kick off significant capital expansion project at our existing operation in Tangier, Morocco. The goal of the project is to both grow the existing container terminal business for APM Terminals TM2 as well as expand the business value and proposition for entire West Med.

Poste :

Coordinate the IT implementation and technology integration developed complieed with APMT Global IT and Group policies/standards and based on the current Terminal specific processes and interfaces/applications. Ensure review and implementation of best practices regarding IT solutions, incl. recommendations for usage from other APM Terminals/Regions.

Implement SLA with all TM 2 functions head and make agreement. Ensure all the relevant IT services are within agreed SLA. Contribute to cost efficiencies.

Principal Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  •  Actively participate in the development & implementation of IT Infrastructure Platform to be developed in alignment with company objective and strategy.
  •  Execute the cascading of IT strategy, standards for the APM Terminals, compliance with regulatory local law and company policies stipulated in various regulations, guides and manuals.
  • Co-ordinate the overall information security in Infrastructure & Architecture, privileged structure, access system , Business Application, Authorization Structure, System Access and ensure the team maintains confidentiality of works. (Nondisclosure to third party)
  • Support the decision making in vendor selection with the decision based argument.
  • Execute the identification and contracting of vendors for infrastructure implementation. Coordinate the vendor management. Manage relationships with local vendors for infrastructure in accordance with IT     policy and standards.
  • Translate and implement all the initiatives from management team and make sure the entire infrastructure is always ready for future.
  • Coordinate the adherence of all Infrastructure project and change to be in framework of IT Policy .
  • Ensure definition of technical specifications for equipment and civil; IT Equipment/Systems assembly/installation; Business system implementation (TOS, GOS, ERP…); Integration testing; Super User Training   
  • Prepare the implementation and integration plans for IT/Technology projects.
  • Coordinate the execution of implementation of Automation Infrastructure.
  • Ensure the automation infrastructure integrates and supports the implementation and deployment of each APMT global application.
  • Execution of IT services & projects within the Automation Infrastructure area ensuring fulfilment of SLA established with the other functions.
  • Ensure that the Terminal infrastructure expansion will support implementation in compliance with project specific instructions and other policy/guidelines.
  • Co-ordinate the IT infrastructure and system configuration and specification for deployment/commissioning of container terminal specific equipment with the team (Yard cranes, Straddle carriers, rail equipment , gates etc.).
  • Co-ordinate the implementation and deployment of IT Infrastructure required to support the application implementation and manage the related projects.
  • Capture and prioritize business requirements for Terminal IT applications and system infrastructure.
  • Co-ordinate the development and validation of recommendation for Terminal specific IT solutions-consistent with IT policy and standards.
  • Provide inputs to the implementation of Application portfolio - TOS, ERP and other applications.


Profil recherché :

Who we are looking for


  •  Third higher education – Bachelor of Science (BSc), Information Systems management or similar.
  •  Post graduate studies (MSc/MBA) in Science, IT management or related studies.
  •  Cisco certified professionals will be preferred (CCNA, CCNP...)


  • Requires at least 1 - 2 years of Network and communications or IT infrastructure experience, in a medium to large organization.
  • Relevant certification in the field of infrastructure, networks, security will be preferred.


  •  Must have thorough understanding of LAN/WAN and WLAN architecture for installation, Configuration , and on-going maintenance.
  •  Must have a thorough understanding, experience of IT & Automation Infrastructure
  •  Must have a thorough understanding of networks including: Industrial Wireless , CCTV Solutions , ACS Solutions , FO , and Cabling
  •  Provide good level of support for end users
  •  Must have thorough understanding of information security.
  •  Must be multi-task oriented with proven ability to manage several activities simultaneously.
  •  Must be proactive with the ability to anticipate internal client needs and provide appropriate solutions to develop a strong client service organization.
  •  Strong organizational and personal discipline skills.
  •  Ability to assess business issues, identify risks and to interpret them into technology solutions/requirements;
  •  Good understanding of project management, change management, and escalation processes that create a highly responsive support organization;
  •  Proven demonstrated ability to be a team player as well be able to work independently within the defined project, maintaining good relationship to customer, staff and other project team members.
  •  Ability to lead multiple sub-projects for Automation Infrastructure.
  •  Must have knowledge of sensor and monitoring technologies which are used in the Automation and Control equipments.
  •  Thorough understanding of IT, Port Equipment, Automated systems and controls and related industrial infrastructure architecture.
  •  Requires knowledge of Automation IT-related hardware and software systems.
  •  Requires ability and knowledge to guide on solutions to troubleshoot a wide variety of Automation and Control infrastructure, network and communication problems as they arise in the workplace. 

Languages : 

  • Native French and Arabic.
  • Speak/Write/Understand English on working and communication level is a must.

Adresse :

Zone Franche, Ksar Al Majaz Oued R’Mel, Commune Anjra, Route de Fenideq

Traits de personnalité souhaités :

Recherche de nouveauté Ambition Besoin de réflexion Besoin d'autonomie Implication au travail

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