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Entreprise :

The First National Operation and Maintenance Company “NOMAC” was founded in 2005 and firmly established in the GCC, in Middle and East Europe, and in North and South of Africa. NOMAC is providing high quality O&M (Operation & Maintenance) services for power production and water desalination projects, regionally and worldwide. Supported by accelerated global expansion, NOMAC is enabled to draw near to realize its vision of being the leading global O&M service provider in the power production and water desalination sectors. In Morocco, Nomac is implemented since 2014, and operating and maintaing differents projects, overall MoroccoNoor1 CSP plant (160 Mw), Noor2 CSP plant (200 Mw), both located in Ouarzazate, KHALLADI wind farm (120 Mw) in Tanger, and the 3 Noor PV plants (120 Mw) located in Ouarzazate, Laayoune and Boujdour .

NOMAC is looking to reinforce its Operation team by recruiting a Field Operator.

Poste :

Position Title:    Field Operator

Job purpose:

Make rounds to confirm that the information displayed on the screens of the control room match those on site, vagile closely the operation of equipment and their behavior, make the necessary maneuvers required by the operation and therefore guarantee the availability and durability in machinery, in accordance with standards and legislation, health, quality and environment.

Reporting to: Shift Supervisor



  1. Supervise all the installations of the plant
  2.  Make round to check for faults, leaks and confirm with the operator to treat
  3.  Inform the Shift supervisor in case that it is impossible to solve a problem by itself or in the case of a malfunction, which affects the availability and or production
  4.  Refresh checklists that you are working to keep up the person to take your place in the next shift
  5.  Ensure your own safety and the safety of the person working with you
  6.  Perform equipment LOTO required by the shift supervisor or the operator after confirmation purposes of the work
  7.  Make on-site laborers and the necessary tasks required by operations such as drainage, reflectivity, check, etc…
  8.  Supervise the work on site it the intervention can affect the production and or availability
  9.  Collaborate for success projects defined by the shift supervisor
  10.  Collaborate maintenance activities of the plant
  11.  Use correctly and according to the procedures and instructions of management systems, products, materials and teams
  12.  Communicate to his superior any anomaly or failure in relation to OHS and environment
  13.  Use the proper PPE according to the procedures of the OHS system

 Job Specifications



Desired: Diploma in Electrical Engineering is a must.

Preferred: Diploma in Electrical Engineering with Electrical safety.


Minimum Experience: 5 years in Power plant.


Required Skills: 

  •  Generic awareness of Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environment Management system principles
  •  Knowledge of identification, classification and disposal of waste
  •  Knowledge of Emission Monitoring
  •  Knowledge of environmental and health impact of chemicals being used in the plant
  •  Knowledge of firefighting equipment
  •  Knowledge of PPE and safety equipment
  •  Knowledge of First aid measure
  •  Should be well conversed with Switch Board Operational activities.
  •  Interpersonal.
  •  Analytical 

Desired certification / Job specific skill / Training:

ISO9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 awareness/working knowledge is preferred.
Electrical safety.

Profil recherché :

Salary and benefit in kind:

Monthly gross salary starting from: Confidential
Housing allowance
Transportation from/to the plant: taking in charge by the company.
Catering provided on site by the company
Insurance package (death, disability, sickness-maternity) provided by the company
Retirement (CIMR : 6% - 7,8%)
Annual performance bonus


Adresse :


Traits de personnalité souhaités :

Besoin d'objectivité Ténacité Organisation Rationalisme Respect des règles Besoin de réflexion Recherche de nouveauté

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