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Grants Analyst - Casablanca

Audit / Conseil - Secteur Autres services

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  • 1 poste(s) sur Casablanca et région - Maroc
  • Bac +5 et plus Minimum - Master

Organisation Besoin de réflexion Flexibilité Rationalisme

  • CDI
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Entreprise :

Grants Analyst Wanted!

Do you want to be one of the key players in LEYTON Group's expansion and be part of an excellence & learning driven environment? This one is for you!

Leyton group is an international consulting firm dedicated to support private and public sector clients in their overall performance, regardless of their size or industry.

Thanks to our 26 000 clients, Leyton group ranks among the leading consulting firms in the field of cost savings and the improvement of our clients' financial performance. Our expertise revolves around several activities: innovation funding, consulting, energy, and outsourced services.

Our collaborators are located in 32 offices across 13 countries, and share values such as team spirit, innovation and sustainable development. Our talented resources and multilingual skills allow us to meet the needs of a wider customer base around the world and handle complex processes.

Poste :

The Grants Analyst collaborates with the clients in order to identify the various opportunities they can benefit from to leverage their financial performance and accompany them in their development, through performing research, reconciling databases, and completing detailed calculations.

Profil recherché :

  • Bilingual (perfect written and spoken French/English)
  • University Graduate degree in finance, accounting, economics, etc.
  • Curiosity, ambition and leadership
  • Capable of working within tight deadlines
  • Independent and enthusiastic team player

Adresse :

Parc Casanearshore Sidi Maârouf Shore 14

Traits de personnalité souhaités :

Organisation Besoin de réflexion Flexibilité Rationalisme

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