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Knowledge Manager H/F - Rabat

Audit / Conseil - Call Centers (métiers de) - Secteur Centre d'appel

  • De 1 à 3 ans
  • Rabat et région - Maroc
  • Bac +3 Minimum - Master

Organisation Besoin de réflexion Flexibilité Conventionnel Rationalisme Distance émotionnelle Extraversion

  • CDI
  • Télétravail : Non
  • Poste avec Management
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Entreprise :

Sitel Group devient officiellement Foundever™.

Foundever™ est un leader mondial de l'expérience client (CX). Avec 170 000 collaborateurs dans le monde, nous sommes l’équipe derrière les meilleures expériences des 750 plus grandes marques internationales et digitales.

Nos solutions CX innovantes, notre technologie et notre expertise sont conçues pour répondre aux besoins opérationnels de nos clients et leur offrir une expérience sans couture, partout et à tout moment. Prenant en charge 9 millions d’expériences chaque jour dans plus de 60 langues et 45 pays, Foundever combine la force d’une présence mondiale à une approche entrepreneuriale, permettant aux entreprises de toutes tailles et de tous secteurs de transformer leur CX. 

Poste :


Responsible for setting strategy and executing all Knowledge Management processes, ensuring that the project shall be delivered within the agreed quality, as well as in accordance with deadlines and expectations.


• Manage both the Knowledge Repository and Team
• Ensure engagement within the team and the client
• Track and monitor weekly and monthly reports
• Optimize Knowledge Management processes
• Follow the technological innovations around the subject
• Reinforce the knowledge and expertise of the content production teams


• Establish project plans and strategy
• Ensure Knowledge Management strategy
• Ensure deadlines and schedule on track
• Align team members to common goals and directions
• Coordinate the development of deliverables as needed to enable successful implementation
• Lead, coach and develop the Writers
• Establish writing guidelines based on knowledge base best practices
• Give creative advisory
• Submit project deliverables
• Meet with members to identify and resolve issues
• Meet with clients
• Guarantee the quality, findability, accuracy and performance of knowledge
• Conduct evaluations to identify successful and unsuccessful project elements
• Conduct evaluations to identify opportunities for improvements
• Institute actions to correct shortcomings

Profil recherché :


Soft Skills

• Ability to demonstrate patience, courtesy and politeness
• Ability to negotiate, influence and persuade
Communication Skills
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to converse with customers and utilize empathy
• Ability to read aloud accurately using proper grammar, good enunciation and smooth flow
• Communicates effectively in a positive manner
• Good use and accuracy of grammatical structures verbal or written
• Good range and use of vocabulary
• Proficient speaker with occasional errors
• Understands most idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms
• Good ability to use and read non-verbal factors
• Able to follow and control the course of the exchange satisfactorily
• Able to bridge the misunderstandings by using certain techniques (e.g. clarifying, paraphrasing, explaining)

Customer Service Skills

• Ability to empathize with the customer
• Ability to build rapport
• Strong customer service skills via phone or chat exceeding their needs
• Ability to identify and respond to customer needs
Listenint Skills
• Effective Listening & Comprehension Skills
• Ability to actively listen to the customer and employees
Problem Solving Skills
• Ability to recognize and resolve problems
• Ability to think critically in complex situations
• Ability to assimilate a variety of information and make logical/consistent decisions
Technical Skills
• Strong data entry skills
• Managerial Skills
• Ability to multi-task and accurately process high volumes of work with high level of accuracy
• Working knowledge of Windows-based applications
• Ability to operate a computer and communication tools
• Ability to navigate online applications and dedicated knowledge environments


Within Foundever Reporting Relationships Outside Foundever
• CWs and TWs
• Managers & Directors
• SMEs • COE Leader / Director
• Ops Manager
• Team of CW and TWs • Conterparties from the partner client


• Three to Five years of experience in Management (Enablement, including revenue, sales and CX enablement; IT Programs; Learning and Development) and/or Knowledge Management
• Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business, English Literature, Computer Science, Engineering in the appropriate field or equivalent work experience
• General understanding of knowledge architecture
• Ability to lead projects of various sizes and see them through to completion
• Excellent client-facing, internal, written and verbal communication abilities
• Strong content writing skills – language, grammar, accuracy and quality of content
• Experience of working effectively in a diverse team, maintaining good working relationships
• Strong understanding of formal project management methodologies
• Finding assembling and analyzing verbal and numerical data from internet, databases and paper-based sources
• Self-Awareness
• Leadership, ability to Influence
• Time management, ability to prioritize
• Learning Agility
• A proven track record of successfully delivering KM strategies would be preferred
• Hands-on experience with knowledge management systems would be preferred
• Experience in performance measurement and program evaluation would be preferred
• English (must have)
• Can work on graveyard shift
• Able to work overtime if needed
• Willing to work on split rest days
• Flexible work schedule including availability to work weekends and holidays. · Knowledge of airline operations is a strong plus
• Other duties as assigned to assist API in achieving its operational goals and objectives
• Second language a plus
Special Certifications
• Knowledge Centered Support (KCS SM) practices certification preferred
• Project management methodologies certification preferred

Adresse de notre siège :

1100 Bd El Qods, Sidi Maârouf), Casanearshore Park

Traits de personnalité souhaités :

Organisation Besoin de réflexion Flexibilité Conventionnel Rationalisme Distance émotionnelle Extraversion

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