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Recherche de nouveauté Ambition Besoin d'action Besoin d'autonomie Rationalisme

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Entreprise :

.About UM6P:

Located at the heart of the future Green City of Benguerir, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), a higher education institution with an international standard, is established to serve Morocco and the African continent. Its vision is honed around research and innovation at the service of education and development. This unique nascent university, with its state-of-the-art campus and infrastructure, has woven a sound academic and research network, and its recruitment process is seeking high quality academics and professionals in order to boost its quality-oriented research environment.

Poste :

Research topic:

This thesis project will be part of a research program aimed at building a new tripartite  system DAQARA-Africa (i-Diagnosis of Acidity, ii-Quality of amendments and iii-Recommendation of application) that ensures the adequacy between the needs of calcium amendments that protect soil productivity and the qualities that suppliers guarantee for an adequate and sustainable use in the different agricultural systems of sub-Saharan Africa.


Job description:

Under the supervision of the researcher and in collaboration with the research team, the PhD student collaborates in the development and implementation of the DAQARA-Africa project in the two countries of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. He will develop pedotransfer and spectral interpretation algorithms to make soil diagnosis faster, more accessible and much cheaper. He will apply biostatistical, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence approaches to link data from spectroscopy techniques with agronomic, physicochemical and meteorological data. The PhD student develops analysis and modeling processes to select reliable indicators that will be integrated into tools for monitoring soil health and quality in sub-Saharan Africa. He contributes closely to titration, incubation, greenhouse and field trials. He also contributes to the analysis and interpretation of results as well as to the writing of his thesis and scientific articles.

Key duties:

  • Develops biostatistical analysis and Artificial Intelligence processes applied to soil, plant and calcium amendment data;
  • Develops analytical and modeling processes to select indicators of soil acidity diagnosis, amendment quality, and propose recommendation models;
  • Collaborates with the research team in the development of detailed protocols and their implementation in the two Sub-Saharan African countries;
  • Collaborates in the writing of scientific articles, posters and presentation and diffusion of results;
  • Performs literature reviews, literature data extractions, titration tests, soil incubation tests and biological tests on the main crops in both countries.
  • Participates in weekly meetings with the supervisory team;
  • Develops good communication with the different collaborators of the DAQARA-Africa project.



Profil recherché :

Criteria of the candidate:


The desired candidate has a master's degree in soil science, agronomy, biology, forestry or environmental science. This person must be skilled modeling, data processing and Machine Learning. This candidate must be imaginative, able to demonstrate leadership in the workplace, caring and empathetic towards others, and able to adapt to new environments. The ideal candidate will possess strong analytical and critical thinking skills and have demonstrated scientific writing skills in English or French.

Adresse :

Lot 660, Hay Moulay Rachid, Ben Guerir 43150

Traits de personnalité souhaités :

Recherche de nouveauté Ambition Besoin d'action Besoin d'autonomie Rationalisme

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