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Entreprise :

Au cœur de la future Ville Verte Mohammed VI à Benguérir, Maroc et située à 30 mn de Marrakech par autoroute ; l’Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique (UM6P), institution d’enseignement supérieur à vocation internationale, est engagée pour un système éducatif basé sur des standards de hauts niveaux en matière d’enseignement et de recherche dans des domaines prioritaires au développement économique du Maroc et de l’Afrique. Notre jeune université construit un réseau académique international de renom et s’appuie sur un corps enseignants-chercheurs disposant d’une longue expérience professionnelle. L’UM6P,  grâce à ses infrastructures de pointe, offre un cadre de de travail, d’étude, et de vie très agréable. 

Poste :

Job description:

The Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) invites applications for a position as PhD student within the Center for Remote Sensing Applications (CRSA). The PhD thesis is entitled: Use of Earth Observation imagery, advanced modelling algorithms and other monitoring systems to produce operational agricultural annual crop inventories for Morocco.

To ensure a profitable agricultural sector in Moroccan and to make informed decisions, it is important to understand the state and trends of agricultural production. To this end, there is a need for annual crop inventory to be made available following the growing season. Until recently, digital agricultural crop mapping at the national scale has been a challenging, especially with regard to data collecting, storing and processing and the requirement of the datasets to cover large geographic areas. The ever-increasing availability of high-resolution open-access Earth Observation (EO) data at both optimal spatial and temporal scales and powerful computing resources provides great opportunities for agricultural mapping applications.

In this context, space-based EO imagery can deliver cost-effective, timely and accurate information to better support the need of annual crop inventory. Such information can be used to better support Moroccan policies, programs, performance measurement and to address key environmental challenges along the country sustainable development goals.

This project aims to initiate the process of generating annually crop type digital maps for Morocco using satellite imagery. Achieving these objectives will require:

(i) The integration of EO technology, ground observation data and other monitoring systems to provide information relating to agricultural production;

(ii) The development of new machine/deep learning classifier algorithms;

(iii) The development of fully automated crop classifier that should significantly reduce digital production time for subsequent years;

(iv) The delivery of an annual crop inventory with a minimum target accuracy (i.e., >80%) at the national scale;

(v) The calibration and validation, in a first stage, of the produced crop digital maps focusing in specific areas (i.e., regions, watersheds), then extending/upscaling these mapping activities to most of the Moroccan national scale.

The aimed annual Space-based crop inventory is expected to:

(i) Provide high quality information on the location, extent and changes of Moroccan crops;

(ii) Have an impact on the Moroccan agriculture sector and beyond;

(iii) Constitute an important foundational data source for a number of activities,

(iv) Support several key environmental indicators.

This project is in a good position to capitalize on:

(i) The integration of EO technology, ground observation data and other monitoring systems to provide information relating to agricultural production.

(ii) Collaboration with international researchers and leaders in the development and use of EO technologies for this type of agricultural assessment, and who have already demonstrated that these technologies can deliver cost-effective, timely and accurate national information on annual crop type.


Key duties:

The main duties involved in this PhD position is to conduct research and to disseminate the results throughout writing peer-reviewed scientific publications and presentation for scientific conferences. The work will be conducted in collaboration with other partners, and in interaction with stakeholders to ensure policy-relevant outcomes.



Profil recherché :

Criteria of the candidate:

The ideal candidate should have a master or engineering degree or similar in environmental sciences, agriculture, physics or related disciplines.



The successful applicant should have:


  • Experience with remote sensing and cover crop mapping and modelling;
  • Mastery of remote sensing, GIS and geomatics software;
  • Experience with field measurements/activities;
  • Programming skills (e.g. python, Matlab or R), and GIS techniques modelling;
  • Excellent written and oral English language skills and good communicational skills;
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in an interdisciplinary team.

Adresse :

Lot 660, Hay Moulay Rachid, Ben Guerir 43150

Traits de personnalité souhaités :

Extraversion Organisation Respect des règles Besoin de réflexion Recherche de nouveauté

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