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Project HSSE Supervisor - Tanger Med II - Project Contract - Tanger

Production / Qualité / Sécurité / Maintenance - Travaux / Chantiers / BTP - Secteur BTP / Génie Civil

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Organisation Implication au travail Besoin de réflexion Besoin d'objectivité Ténacité Rationalisme Respect des règles

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Entreprise :

APM Terminals operates one of the world’s most comprehensive port and integrated inland service networks and continues investing in new business opportunities as well as upgrading current facilities. Project Execution (PE) is the function responsible for developing and implementing the strategy for project implementations, governance and standards to be used in the APM Terminals wide organization and is directly responsible for large CAPEX driven projects including Greenfields , major expansion as well as upgrades and retrofits to existing facilities.

We will soon kick off significant capital expansion project at our existing operation in Tangier, Morocco. The goal of the project is to both grow the existing container terminal business for APM Terminals TM2 as well as expand the business value and proposition for entire West Med.

Poste :

To ensure that all APM Terminals’ Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) policies are stringently followed, by all related stakeholders from mobilization, through build to terminal start up. This position is responsible to supervise and ensure that all project stakeholders working on-site (designers, consultants, contractors; equipment, ICT and service suppliers) delivers a safe and healthy container terminal.

Contribute to the continuous improvement of HSSE culture to improve the behaviors of all staff (from all parties) and with the aim of avoiding incidences before they occur and contributing to a proactive approach.

Key Responsibilities:

Overall responsibilities are the following

• Ensure that the asset construction and the interface management are done in compliance with applicable company standards, local and international laws and regulations.
• Supervise all the site activities and maintain the HSSE standards of the organization.
• Increase safety awareness at all levels within the organization
• Propose, draft, implement and monitor occupational HSSE Policy, Programs and Procedures
• Respond to employee’s HSSE concerns.
• Work closely with the project team and especially category managers, PMC, contractors and suppliers.

Elaboration of overall responsibilities

• Provide HSE support and advice
• Implement 12 Life-saving rules standard
• Identify/assess/control high risk activities
• Create safety awareness and support line management to deliver safety talks
• Organizes workshops around different HSSE themes
• Actively participates and supports the asset construction activities
• Actively supports the area owners in the implementation of risk-based approach to civil and equipment.
• Follows a risk-based approach to identify potential risks related to building the asset.
• Identifies and supports the mitigation of construction related risks
• Identify positions exposed to a health risk and adequate mitigations.
• Identify and build relationships with relevant stakeholders.
• Support/Implement the Traffic management plan.
• Include HSSE standards into training programs• Plan and execute drills.
• Develop and run the Safety induction program.
• Ensure permit to work system is in place and running.
• Report on HSSE incidents and emergency situations.
• Follow the execution of inspection programs.


Profil recherché :

Who we are looking for


• University of higher vocational degree and certification in safety and/or security management; alternatively, a technical education with additional high-quality training in the field of HSSE.


• Proven track record of HSSE supervision in construction, technical, maintenance, port industry sectors for at least 5 years (3 years in construction industry)
• Experience and understanding of complex construction projects when representing the client organisation.


• Excellent communication skills
• Understanding of cultural differences
• Team player and problem-solving skills
• Hands on, organisation, supervising and directing HSSE activities on site
• Outside site works (80% outside site supervision / 20% office work)
• Possible shift hours work


• Excellent English and Arabic verbal and written communication skills is a must, knowledge of French is an advantage.

Adresse :

Zone Franche, Ksar Al Majaz Oued R’Mel, Commune Anjra, Route de Fenideq

Traits de personnalité souhaités :

Organisation Implication au travail Besoin de réflexion Besoin d'objectivité Ténacité Rationalisme Respect des règles

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