Fonction 1: Production / Qualité /...
Fonction 2: -
Niveau d'expérience requis : De 10 à 20 ans
Niveau d’études: Bac +5 et plus
Secteur d'activité : Transport / Messagerie / Logistique
Région : Tanger et région
Publication : du 23/03/2020 au 23/05/2020
Type de formation: Non renseigné
Type de contrat : CDI
Pays : Maroc
Postes proposés : 1
Poste avec Management : Oui

Senior Execution Manager - Port Med II - Tanger

Entreprise :

Filiale du Groupe Maersk, APM Terminals est un opérateur leader du domaine portuaire. Riche de plus de 100 ans d’histoire, APM Terminals met son expertise et savoir-faire pour connecter et simplifier la chaîne logistique de ses clients.

Nous rejoindre, c’est intégrer l'équipe de l'opérateur leader du port Tanger Med, une industrie exceptionnelle et une équipe passionnée, talentueuse et tournée vers l’excellence !

Pour plus d'informations, consultez notre portail :

Safety for Life !

Adresse :

Zone Franche Ksar Al Majaz, Oued R'Mel, Commune Anjra

Poste :

This position provides the leadership and direction for the day to day and shift operations at APM Terminals MedPort Tangier/TM2 to make sure we reach customer requirements and ramp up targets. This position will play a key role to deliver safe operations and directing, guiding and developing direct reports and overall execution team, as well as provide excellent customer service to the lines calling our facility. 


Ø  Deliver a high level of service to customers that is meeting TM2’s ramp up objectives for both GMPH and Volumes across different shifts and teams;   

Ø  Lead and drive the operational teams to deliver against plans and objectives, and use operational strategies to meet customers’ requests; 

Ø  Standardize work across different shifts and make sure all teams are working/using the best way known at that stage;

Ø  Measure, monitor and manage performance against customer requirements, widely important goals, and terminal scorecard;

Ø  Ensure knowledge transfer to the different teams, closing the skill gap and work standardization;

Ø  Implement the APMT Way of Working (OS/Lean) within own scope;

Ø  Use a problem-solving approach to close the gaps and create lean capabilities, culture and space for the teams to develop and solve problems;

Ø  Close collaboration with IT and automation teams to ensure proper ownership of automation systems is guaranteed;

Ø  Provide inputs to the IT function, supports and contributes to development in technology & systems as applicable to improve efficiencies in productivity & customer service;

Ø  Develop in depth operations understanding of TOS, Equipment control systems and overall automation setup;

Ø  Leading, coaching and developing the Execution team;

Ø  Enforce safe operating capacity;

Ø  Drive and sustain a safety mindset in a very young operations organization;

Ø  Manage vendors and 3rd parties to deliver on terminal goals and contractual agreements;

Ø  Working out set plans into concrete objectives, approaches and budgets;

Ø  Promote a good working environment and drive engagement;

Ø  Liaise closely with shipping companies, customs agents, trucking companies, Customs, port authorities, and other statutory authorities to ensure that their requirements are met;

Ø  Encourage open dialogue and communication so that activities run consistently smoothly;

Ø  Participate in an environment that is supportive of learning, and developing team’s capabilities. Must be able to challenge other & status-quo in a positive or constructive way;

Ø  Reinforce APM Group culture, values & reputation & ensure compliance with APM Group policies.

Profil recherché :

Ø  Post graduate studies in Port and/or Terminal Management, engineering or related business studies;

Ø  Proven track record of managing container terminal operations including 10 years+ of operational experience (working at different roles with a mix of planning or dispatching and execution) and at least 5 years as a shift or execution manager in a mid to large facility;

Ø  Extensive understanding of TOS. Knowledge of Equipment control systems (ECS) and equipment interface in an automated environment is an advantage;

Ø  Excellent communication skills and conflict management;

Ø  Able to work shift, admin and flexible working hours and capable to adapting to a high pace work environment;   

Ø  Good analytical skills, able to work with data, identify root causes and implement counter measures;

Ø  Previous experience in managing a new facility ramp up is a strong advantage

Ø  Results oriented and able to take decisions, even when not all info is available;

Ø  Customer oriented and keep always the customer requirements as the basis for decision making;

Ø  Fluency in French and English, local language is an advantage.