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Senior Software Engineer/Senior Technical Software Engineer (TPF/ALCS) - Dubai

Informatique / Electronique - Multimédia / Internet - Secteur Informatique - Internet / Multimédia

  • De 3 à 5 ans
  • 1 poste(s) sur Autres régions - Émirats Arabes Unis
  • Bac +4 Minimum

Implication au travail Besoin d'autonomie Besoin de réflexion Ambition Recherche de nouveauté

  • CDI
  • Télétravail : Non
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Entreprise :

At Emirates Group, our values are rooted in the growth of our organisation, in our people, and in our people’s abilities. With over 160 nationalities, we are truly a global company with talented people from every continent. It is with pride that we make our home in Dubai, a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that offers great lifestyle opportunities for you to take advantage of. We look forward to welcoming you to share in our future success as we grow and expand our business globally.


Join the Emirates IT team !

Are you keen to be part of cutting-edge projects and push the boundaries of what's possible? We’re looking for talented IT professionals to join our dynamic team of TPF/ALCS Developers in Dubai.

Poste :

This is your opportunity to showcase your expertise and deliver innovative projects for the world’s largest airline. Depending on your experience, you could be considered for one of two roles:

Senior Software Engineer :

You’ll need at least three years’ hands-on TPF/ALCS development experience and proven expertise in independently developing and implementing TPF/ALCS solutions and problem resolutions. This role is part of an agile feature team and involves technical design, software development, implementation and maintenance software solutions/products that support the Emirates Group Business.

Senior Technical Software Engineer :

For this role, you would need a minimum of five years’ hands-on TPF/ALCS development experience. You’ll provide technical leadership to your team and be responsible for driving and implementing software engineering strategies, standards and guidelines, as well as collaborating with the team to develop business critical technical solutions. This role also involves planning/estimation, application development, deployment, release, hyper-care and operation of developed solutions.

Our IT roles are based in cosmopolitan Dubai, so you can enjoy the benefits of year-round sunshine, world-class hospitality and dining, major annual events and much more.

Open up a world of possibilities and fast-track your IT career with Emirates, with mentorship programmes, ongoing training, tech academy, a networking/tech community and social events.

Profil recherché :

Role Requirements :

  • A degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent) in a relevant field such as Computer Science, Computational Mathematics, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering.
  • Building and maintaining complex software solutions using Assembler (IBM HLASM) in an ALCS environment.
  • HLASM High level Assembly for development & supporting incidents.
  • Job Control Language and utilities for effective file handling including data transfer & offline data handling development in mainframe.
  • Restructur eXtended eXecutor (REXX) for automation & optimised ways of working.
  • ISO C for mainframe for enhancing the TPF/DF product.
  • Java for mainframe for creating / enhancing interfaces in WAS-OLA, WAS-OLA platform support.
  • Usage of SPM for structured programme development and TPF/DF calls for database handling.
  • Creation and Consumption of WAS-OLA services for DCS/FQT/RES domain.
  • Development and support of Airline Control System (ALCS) handling of the ALCS patch upgrades user exit and z/OS interfaces programming, z/OS 2.2, IBM Tivoli System Automation, MQ Queue creation, data transfer & monitoring, ZEN- IMPLEX & EXIGENCE network and TCPIP / OSA definition of access points, monitoring, investigating & fixing support incidents, GDPS data centre resiliency, WAS server configurations and maintenance.
  • Development and support of DCS (Departure Control Systems domain - including Check-in, Boarding, Flight handling capabilities.
  • Development and support of FQT (Fare Quote Ticketing) and Pricing domain - that covers Fare quote, Itinerary pricing Ticketing ,Interline EMD, e-Ticketing, GDS Ticketing.
  • Development and support of RES (Reservations) domain including One Order and New Distribution Capabilities.

Salary & Benefits :

  • A competitive, tax-free salary reviewed annually.
  • 36 calendar days of annual leave, plus public holidays.
  • Full relocation package for overseas candidates, including flights, shipping, and optional hotel accommodation on arrival.
  • Annual leave travel with yearly return tickets for the entire family to your home country.
  • Private medical insurance.
  • Deeply discounted flight tickets on Emirates and partner networks, for yourself, family and friends.
  • Access to the Emirates Platinum card which offers a range of exclusive privileges and discounts to employees and dependents across thousands of brand and retail stores, clubs, clinics, hospitality outlets, locally and globally.   

Adresse de notre siège :

PO box. 686, Emirates Head Quarters, PO box. 686, Dubai, Dubai

Traits de personnalité souhaités :

Implication au travail Besoin d'autonomie Besoin de réflexion Ambition Recherche de nouveauté

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