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Site Manager -Laâyoune/Boujdour (PV Plant) - Laayoune / Boujdour

Méthodes / Process / Industrialisation - Production / Qualité / Sécurité / Maintenance - Energie

  • De 5 à 10 ans
  • 1 poste(s) sur Laâyoune et région - Maroc
  • Bac +5 et plus - Ecole d'ingénieur
  • CDI
  • Poste avec Management
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Site Manager -Laâyoune/Boujdour (PV Plant) - Laayoune / Boujdour

Entreprise :

The First National Operation and Maintenance Company “NOMAC” was founded in 2005 and firmly established in the GCC, in Middle and East Europe, and in North and South of Africa. NOMAC is providing high quality O&M (Operation & Maintenance) services for power production and water desalination projects, regionally and worldwide. Supported by accelerated global expansion, NOMAC is enabled to draw near to realize its vision of being the leading global O&M service provider in the power production and water desalination sectors. In Morocco, Nomac is implemented since 2014, and operating and maintaing differents projects, overall MoroccoNoor1 CSP plant (160 Mw), Noor2 CSP plant (200 Mw), both located in Ouarzazate, KHALLADI wind farm (120 Mw) in Tanger, and the 3 Noor PV plants (120 Mw) located in Ouarzazate, Laayoune and Boujdour .

NOMAC is looking to reinforce its managerial team by recruiting a Site Manager.

Poste :

Position Title:     Site Manager

Job purpose:

Manage the Plant in accordance with the O&M agreement. Ensure high standard day-to-day operations and maintenance at PV plant sites (NOOR Laayoune and NOOR Boujdour). This overall objective will be achieved by meeting the following plant objectives: health and safety performance, environmental compliance, maximizing revenue, employee training and development, quality control, performance management, operation and maintenance of assets, reliability improvement.

Double reporting to:

Operation Director & Plant General Manager.

Key Accountabilities: 


Strategy & Plans

  • Ensure high level of HSSE standard.
  • Develop the plant strategy in line with NOMAC’s Operations and Maintenance strategy to ensure vertical alignment and horizontal integration with other interfacing departmental strategies across.
  • Regularly report to the Operations Director on the operational and maintenance activities of the plant, challenges and issues faced along with mitigations taken, etc. as required, to keep them informed and updated on the plant’s activities.
  • Prepare regular management meeting presentations (including but not limited to MRM and board) that include financial figures, plant warranty issue and operational and manpower issues etc., in order to keep them up to date of all statistics and records relevant to the plant.

 Health, Safety, Security & Environment


  • Ensure compliance to all relevant health, safety, security and environmental management policies, procedures and controls across the plant to guarantee employee and asset safety, legislative compliance and a responsible environmental attitude.
  • Perform regular PTW process inspection and ensure full compliance with NOMAC HSSE standard.
  • Ensure Subcontractors full compliance with HSSE NOMAC standards.
  • Ensure high level of HSSE awareness with regular training and assessment to correct any deviation.
  • Ensure full compliance with local security requirement.
  • Develop safety training program with regular update.
  • Ensure, at all the times, high level of electrical hazards awareness and compliance with NOMAC standards and best practices.

People Management

  • Manage and monitor the performance of direct and indirect reports, defining workforce requirements and recruiting, in conjunction with the Human Resources function, to ensure competent, qualified and highly motivated employees are available to enable the achievement of the plant objectives.
  • Manage the effective achievement of the team’s objectives through setting individual objectives, developing the team and providing formal and informal feedback to maximise overall performance, engagement and motivation.
  • Manage and provide overall direction and guidance on talent development initiatives to mentor, coach and challenge subordinates providing opportunities for growth and development to ensure continuous progression and a high level of competence within the team.
  • Assists in the hiring of site personnel and conducts employee performance reviews based on job descriptions to determine competency, knowledge, and contribution of the site maintenance personnel.
  • Ensure all Subcontractors Personnel adherence with NOMAC policies and procedures.

  Financial Management

  • Develop the Plant’s Operating budget and manage and monitor the financial performance against the budget on a regular basis, so that areas of unsatisfactory performance are identified, rectified promptly and potential performance improvement opportunities are capitalised upon.
  • Understand the financial metrics /costs/ contractual obligations of the project, to ensure the achievement of the revenue, costs, profitability and productivity targets.
  • Implement initiatives to improve Plants financial performance while guarantying highest level of Safety and technical performance standard and Contractual compliance.

Production Planning 

  • Lead and ensure the effective cascading of the operational strategy and plans into mid to short terms production plans and monitor their performance against the target to ensure optimization of resource utilization, plant availability and operating efficiency of the plant, whilst achieving the defined production targets.

 Operations and Maintenance


  • Provide overall direction to plant operations and maintenance teams to meet approved performance objectives while providing technical guidance and expertise to ensure timely resolution of issues and recommend changes to approved procedures considering technological developments and changing business conditions.
  • Plan and direct for minor and major changes within the plant and its respective processes to ensure a safe working environment while also maintaining plant efficiency levels, as per the approved procedures.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the contractual obligations and clauses with the Project Company and ensure that they are continuously met at all times.
  • Ensure all Subcontractors full adherence to Contractual and Technical guarantees with close monitoring and timely reporting of any deviation along with mitigation action plan.
  • Close monitoring of cleaning activity and implementation of appropriate KPIs with continuous financial and technical improvements.
  • Ensure strict and effective application of Management of Change procedure.
  • Ensure highest level of Reliability of Supply with regular update with measurable KPIs.
  • Ensure proper and effective warranty management. 

Technical Guidance 

  • Direct the teams on operations and maintenance strategies and oversee the root cause analysis and investigations in order to correct any abnormal conditions and resolve performance deficiencies
  • Provide guidance to direct subordinates on potential risk areas in order to improve the long-term reliability of the plant.

Supply Chain


  • Oversee and manage the identification process of required inventory and approve all purchase requisitions / purchase orders for material / spare parts, services, chemicals, equipment and required manpower; as per the authority matrix in order to ensure timely availability of stock to fulfil plant requirements.
  • Oversee the work executed by the contractors to ensure timely completion of work whilst complying to scope, materials specification, method of application, HSSE and documentation guidelines.
  • Ensure high level of Ethics while dealing with SCM activities.

SAP Implementation


  • Ensure the effective and proper implementation of SAP processes within the plants and adherence to SAP guidelines in all aspects of production planning, scheduling, order processing, material movement etc. in order to ensure system/data integrity in line with defined standards.
  • Ensure all Plant activities ( including Inventory management, Warranty management, Maintenance (PM, CM and CBM)) reported timely and effectively on SAP system.

 Integrated Management System Implementation


  • Identify, establish and monitor IMS objectives, targets and programs in the plant, through the adaptation and implementation of the policies and procedures and preparation and readiness for appropriate IMS Certifications, in order to ensure compliance to applicable Standards, existing policies and procedures of the company.
  • Oversee and provide all possible assistance during the IMS audits (conducted internally or by external agencies) and work on the recommendations provided by them in order to effectively implement corrective actions.

 Relationship Management


  • Develop and maintain effective business relationships with all relevant internal & external entities (such as Project Company, Board, shareholders, OEM contractors, local authorities etc.) with the highest standards of business ethics, whilst promptly attending to all critical issues in-order to ensure seamless business operations.



  • Ensure that all plant reports (technical, safety and financial) are prepared in a comprehensive, accurate and timely manner, and delivered to the management and Project Company as per contractual obligations.
  • Ensure the preparation of periodical statements and progress reports to keep the senior management informed about the progress of various initiatives and to facilitate decision making.
  • Ensure Synergy Life timely and full reporting of all sites events and incidents and activities with regular updates and timely close out of pending actions.
  • Ensure proper investigation and reporting of incidents following NOMAC IMS policies and develop appropriate timely actions to keep Plant Assets and Personnel at the highest level of Safety and Performance.

 Policies, Processes, Systems & Procedures

  • Develop and ensure the implementation of policies, procedures and controls covering all areas of plant activity so that all relevant procedural/legislative requirements are fulfilled while delivering a quality, cost-effective service.

Continuous Improvement

  • Oversee the implementation of effective and economical methods and techniques in order to identify improvements and/or new technological changes to advance operating methods within the plant.
  • Identify opportunities of improvement (technical , safety and financial) and contribute to organisational and departmental change initiatives, programmes and projects taking into account best practice and standards in the business environment.

Related Assignments

  • Perform any other duties which the line manager may require to be carried out.


Communication & working relationships:

Internal: Needs to work closely with all Corporate / Country teams, Board, Plant employees, internal Auditors

External: Needs to build a rapport with relevant contractors and vendors, Project Company, Local Authorities, External Auditors, Shareholders


Salary and benefit in kind:

  • Competitive salary (confidential)
  • Other benefit in kind (Housing, transportation, etc.)
  • Insurance package (death, disability, sickness-maternity) provided by the company
  • Retirement (CIMR : 6% - 7,8%)
  • Annual performance bonus ( confidential )

Profil recherché :


Qualifications, Experience & skills:


Minimum Qualifications: A Bachelor degree holder in Engineering.

Minimum Experience: 7 years’ experience in managing a production plant, with operational experience in the power sector


  • Techno-commercial know-how with extensive knowledge of contracts and agreements
  • Extensive leadership skills and excellent planning ability
  • Extensive experience and know-how of conceptual and analytical thinking and excellent presentation skills
  • Extensive knowledge of the operations in power generation plants and of NOMAC operations
  • Excellent communication, influencing and motivating skills
  • Project Management
  • Mentoring, coaching and people management skills
  • Strong planning, organizing, and integration skills
  • Team work and collaboration skills

Behavioural Competencies

  • Ability to coordinate multiple activities while ensuring high level of safety, high level of Ethics, quality and schedule adherence.
  • Ability to take direction, identify problems, develop solutions, conduct analysis independently and in collaboration with others
  • Ability to work in difficult customer situations
  • Available for 24-hour on-call duty to meet customer requirements






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