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Supervisor Raw Material Planner - kenitra

Logistique / Transport (métiers de) - Secteur Automobile / Motos / Cycles -

  • De 5 à 10 ans
  • 2 poste(s) sur Kénitra et région - Maroc
  • Bac +5 et plus Minimum - Master

Respect des règles Besoin d'action Implication au travail Organisation

  • CDI
  • Télétravail : Non
  • Poste avec Management
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Entreprise :

YAZAKI’s timeline of success dates back to 1929 when Sadami YAZAKI began selling wiring harnesses for automobiles.

As a truly global company deeply rooted in Japanese cultural traditions and values, YAZAKI strives to be a reliable partner to its customers as well as a promoter of environmental sustainability throughout the world.
We are especially proud to be the world's largest producer of wiring harnesses and at the same time offering environmental systems, with emphasis on energy-related equipment.

As part of Yazaki activities growth in Morocco , we are hiring currently several positions !

Poste :

results.(send releases, get orders confirmation,shipping confirmation, follow orders in delay..)
*Analyze RM Coverage & reschedule open orders to align with production planning requirements.
*Check, periodically, SAP parameters to insure that orders are released according to the Scheduling agreements with suppliers.
*Get supplier invoices once parts leave supplier, and make sure all in transit parts are under control based on DOH report,
*Insure that all announced quantities/Volumes by suppliers are correctly loaded from, forwarders HUB and will reach the original ETA.
*Check & confirm that loaded trucks from forwarder's HUB/suppliers are in line with the schedules and fill the daily trucks follow-up.
*Analyze and insure the coverage based on weekly coverage report.
*Check the weekly orders control and provide necessary required comments and actions.
*Fill internal claim to suppliers/import &export with sufficient evidences for any abnormal delivery claim.
*Archive all documents related to quality & quanltity claims in the folder reserved for this reason.
*Maintain inventories at optimum level .
*Minimize over/excessive stock, and avoid dead stock occurrence.
*Coordinate with new project planners and provide required anlyzes for customers increases/decreases and MPS changes.

*Proactively report material availability issues.
*Regularly review the MRP results to define the potential risk of production interruption.
*Communicate Critical parts to Coordinator based on the weekly Coverage report.
*Report to Coordinator any abnormal delivery and any potential risk of production interruption within requested alarm time.
*Take immediate contingence actions to avoid production shortage.
*Provide full and clear analyzes for any potential risk of shortage.
*Insure necessary follow-up for trucks loading critical parts in transit with transport team.

•Fill up the specific transportation form in case any special transportation is needed before it is conducted;
*In case supplier failure, fill up the internal charge form with sufficient evidences to purchase;
*Create and fulfil debit notes for all costs which are not under YMO responsibility
*provide all the necessary information and evidence to the person in charge of the

Profil recherché :

Team spirit and collaboration and networking
Ownership & independece of mind
Self-management and Self-development
Leadership Skills
Planning & Organizing

Personal Attributes
Reliability, thrustworthiness
Continous Effort
Open Mindness and Open to Changes
Challenging & Volunteerism for work

Adresse de notre siège :

Rue de Tanger

Traits de personnalité souhaités :

Respect des règles Besoin d'action Implication au travail Organisation

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