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Reefer Technician - MEDPORT TANGIER (TM2) (Tanger) - Tangier

Production / Qualité / Sécurité / Maintenance - Electricité - Secteur Transport / Messagerie / Logistique

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Besoin de réflexion Respect des règles Rationalisme Organisation Ténacité Besoin d'objectivité

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Entreprise :

APM Terminals is one of the world’s leading global port/terminal owners and operators with a global terminal network of more than 63 ports and terminals in 40 countries with 7 new terminal development projects and 7 expansion programs now underway. APM Terminals also manages 170 Inland Services operations in 48 countries. The company employs 23,000 professionals across a total of 68 countries spanning five continents.

APM Terminals serves every major trade lane with a truly global presence, providing our customers with the most advanced terminal technology, equipment and operations in the industry.

APM Terminals Medport Tangier is a greenfield project under construction, it will be the third container terminal of the Tanger Med complex APM Terminals Tangier handled 1.7 million TEUs in 2015. APM Terminals Medport Tangier will be a facility with up to 2,000 meters of quay.
Our Tangier team is currently bringing people, expertise and technology together to usher in a new era in African ports for today’s business world through world-class operations in the safest, most environmentally friendly manner.

Safety for Life !

Poste :

  • Performs trouble-shooting and repair services for refrigerated containers.
  • Perform the repair of any malfunction reefer on the vessel.
  • Perform the repair of any malfunction reefer in the yard.
  • Perform the PTI process requested by the customer of any reefer container.


  • Inspects the refrigerated containers (“reefers”) on board the vessel or in the yard  for any discrepancies between actual settings and the manifest requirements. Corrects discrepancies & clears alarms when appropriate.
  • Repairs a malfunctioning reefer in the workshop, including diagnosing problem and determining what repair work is necessary.  
  • Calibrates reefer probes.
  • Reprograms reefer processor.
  • Dismounts compressor, opens unit, evacuates refrigerant from the unit prior to working on it, removes malfunctioning part(s), installs new part(s), and closes the unit.
  • Cleans compressor.
  • Processes and tests pre-trip inspections.
  • Reports any malfunctions reefer to the reefer supervisor on duty.
  • Reports any malfunctions reefer to the PCO if it is planned to be moved from the position or one of the units below the mention unit.
  • Records readings (temperature, humidity, ventilation) for specific reefers.
  • Plug/unplug the reefers in the Yard , Vessel, PTI and leaking area.
  • Mount and dismount the genset.
  • The key impact of these incumbents will be the maintenance of operational efficiencies in the terminal to ensure availability of equipment required for the execution of day to day operational activities.
  • Make a full training of all the recruits in the same position.
  • At all time follow safety procedures and instructions as/where applicable.
  • Report any unsafe situation inside the reefer racks and PTI area.
  • Send all reports requested to concerned parts.
  • E-mails monitoring.

Profil recherché :

Who we are looking for


  • Technician diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning or with a Minimum of two years in a university or college with major in electricity or related fields.
  • Requires at least three to five years of prior work experience as a Reefer Technician or similar job that has proven experience in refrigeration that demonstrates an ability to follow instructions, and to perform repair and troubleshooting work for refrigeration units.
  • Must have thorough understanding of refrigerated containers or similar refrigerated unit.
  • Must have knowledge of safe materials handling rules and procedures.
  • Must have excellent knowledge of refrigeration principles.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with small hand tools and electronic monitoring devices.
  • Ability to complete data sheets neatly, accurately and completely.

Adresse de notre siège :

Zone Franche Ksar Al Majaz, Oued R'Mel, Commune Anjra

Traits de personnalité souhaités :

Besoin de réflexion Respect des règles Rationalisme Organisation Ténacité Besoin d'objectivité

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