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Regional Financial Leader - Tanger

Gestion / Comptabilité / Finance - Audit / Conseil - Secteur Transport / Messagerie / Logistique

  • De 10 à 20 ans
  • 1 poste(s) sur Tout le Maroc - Maroc
  • Bac +5 et plus - Master

Besoin de réflexion Flexibilité Conventionnel Respect des règles Rationalisme Organisation Besoin d'objectivité

  • CDI
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  • Poste avec Management
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Entreprise :

APM Terminals is one of the world’s leading global port/terminal owners and operators with a global terminal network of more than 63 ports and terminals in 40 countries with 7 new terminal development projects and 7 expansion programs now underway. APM Terminals also manages 170 Inland Services operations in 48 countries. The company employs 23,000 professionals across a total of 68 countries spanning five continents.

APM Terminals serves every major trade lane with a truly global presence, providing our customers with the most advanced terminal technology, equipment and operations in the industry.

Safety for Life !

Poste :

Delivery Lead will be the ultimate responsible person for ensuring a true and fair financial statement is prepared and signed off by the Finance & Controlling team for the entity. The incumbent will be responsible for timely completion of books and preparation of Statement of profit and loss and balance sheet as at the end of the period. Also, the Delivery Leadwill be responsible for preparation of consolidated Sign off file post sign-off of books during month end.

Further, Delivery Leadis responsible for publishing a “Consolidated Review Report” containing top priorities of focus for the controlling team by reviewing the Entity Balance Sheet reconciliation as of the given deadline. He shall also ascertain the overall Exposure of the entity based on his analysis and discuss with the Entity CFO and sign off on the Exposure list for the Entity.

Delivery Leadis expected to align his objective settings with that of Finance Head & CFO’s Objectives thus striving towards achieving one goal of the organization.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure ERP – OS reconciliation is matching 100% while doing OS upload during book close.
  • Ensure all technical checks, validations, tax workings, provision for debtors’ workings are correctly made before signing off the entity books.
  • Ensure timely sign-off of books happens as per the deadline set by the HQ.
  • Ensure proper re-charge of cost between entities happen in time.
  • Ensure Inter-company balances differences are properly handled by the entity and reconciled before sign-off is done by CFO.
  • Ensure the Entity CFO’s and controllers are clearly instructed with deadlines and responsibilities.
  • Ensure audit findings are followed up for closure and escalate where necessary
  • Liaise with center accounting team for any new procedures to be implemented, give structured inputs for new procedures
  • Drive, own and implement RICC guidelines received from center
  • Liaise with the External, Group Auditors during audit to get a clean Audit report.
  • Implement business change in accordance with plans
  • Own and drive Revenue and cost transparency, audit and analysis
  • Own and be accountable for true and accurate Financial Statements.
  • Perform Risk assessment of financial statement and evaluate the High-risk areas and discuss at appropriate time with Entity CFO.
  • Coordinate with internal as well as external stakeholders to ensure local, global and legal requirements are met
  • Participate in and support improvement projects


  • Own and maintain a documented system of Group accounting policies and  procedures.
  • Oversee the process of the activities done during the book close and ensure all activities are properly taken care before closing the books at the month end.
  • Own Standard interaction Procedures and ensure adherence.
  • Be updated with changes pronounced by Centre Finance time and again.
  • Manage various major stakeholders like Entity CEO/CFO/COO/CCO, Area CFO’s, Area Controllers.
  • General administrative duties of direct reportees like S2S regularizations, Leave and Performance management


  • Oversee the preparation of the Period end reporting/ Management reports if any
  • Ensure all agreed upon Reports for the entity are prepared and published to the recipients on time without any delay.
  • Ensure and own KPI Reporting.
  • Any other reasonable ad-hoc requests as may be made from time to time by the CEO or CFO.


  • Set up a Control assurance framework to ensure compliance.
  • Coordinate the provision of information to auditors for the yearly audit

Profil recherché :

Skills and Job Knowledge

  • Experience in managing a team for at least 5-7 years
  • Experience in delivering results through others (both directly report and indirect report)
  • Experience in management reporting, financial controlling and analytical work
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Awareness to Lean tools would be added advantage.
  • Prior experience working in HFM/One stream application
  • Proven team management skills
  • Language Proficiency English & Spanish (Verbal & Written)

Technical Skills

  • Computer literate (Windows) & Strong MS Excel skills (v-lookup, Pivots, Complex formulae)
  • One stream tool
  • SAP, IFS & Oracle based accounting ERP prior experience
  • Demonstrable track record in a similarly complex and challenging role.
  • Experience in logistics business would be an added advantage

Adresse de notre siège :

Zone Franche Ksar Al Majaz, Oued R'Mel, Commune Anjra

Traits de personnalité souhaités :

Besoin de réflexion Flexibilité Conventionnel Respect des règles Rationalisme Organisation Besoin d'objectivité

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