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Call for a PFE internship for master's students - Benguerir

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Call for a PFE internship for master's students - Benguerir

Entreprise :

Située au cœur de la future Ville Verte Mohammed VI à Ben Guérir, l’Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique (UM6P), institution d’enseignement supérieur à vocation internationale, est engagée pour un système éducatif basé sur les plus hauts standards en matière d’enseignement et de recherche dans des domaines cruciaux pour le développement économique durable du Maroc et plus largement de l’Afrique.

Notre jeune université construit un réseau académique international de renom et souhaite s’appuyer sur un corps enseignants-chercheurs de très haut niveau. Elle offre d’ores et déjà un cadre de vie et d’étude de grande qualité grâce à ses infrastructures de pointe.

Poste :


SUBJECT: Theoretical developments and mid-level programming implementations for kernel-based machine learning approaches

Located at the heart of the future Green City of Benguerir, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), a higher education institution with an international standard, is established to serve Morocco and the African continent. Its vision is honed around research and innovation at the service of education and development. This unique nascent university, with its state-of-the-art campus and infrastructure, has woven a sound academic and research network, and its recruitment process is seeking high quality academics and professionals in order to boost its quality-oriented research environment.
UM6P is a very ambitious university, enjoying ample research funding, moderate
teaching load, and excellent facilities.
In its research approach, the UM6P promotes transdisciplinary, entrepreneurship spirit and collaboration with external institutions. Either international ones for developing up to date science and at continent level in order to address real challenges.
About MSDA
The Modeling, Simulation and Data Analysis (MSDA) is a Research Program on mathematical and phenomenological modeling, numerical simulation and data analysis.
The entity is structured around three axes :
• Phenomenological modeling
• Numerical simulation
• Statistical modeling and data analysis
The MSDA plans to reach its potential by addressing industrial issues, as well as the needs of Moroccan and African economic actors. To achieve these objectives, the entity relies on professors and experts who carry out projects of ultimate importance and train doctoral students and engineers in disciplines at the crossroads between Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Statistics and Data and Scientific Computing.
The goal for this intern position is to explore and implement supervised and unsupervised learning approaches based on kernels and spectral analysis.
The main tasks are:
o Explore multi-labeler extensions for kernel-based support vector machines using a least-square approach.
o Explore spectral dimensionality reduction methods based on generalized kernels.
o Validate the algorithms through high-level programming routines.


Profil recherché :

Data Science Technologies: Statistical and linear algebra tools from MatLab, Scikit learn from Python.
Bachelor’s in applied mathematics + master’s student in applied mathematics
Master’s degree internship - PFE.
Duration of internship: 4 to 6 months

Adresse :

Lot 660, Hay Moulay Rachid, Ben Guerir 43150