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Head of studies in the UM6P Faculty of Medical Sciences (Medicine and Pharmacy) - Ben guérir

Médical / Paramédical - Secteur Pharmacie / Santé

  • De 3 à 5 ans
  • 1 poste(s) sur Autres régions - Maroc
  • Bac +5 et plus

Recherche de nouveauté Besoin de réflexion Rationalisme Distance émotionnelle Besoin d'objectivité

  • CDI
  • Télétravail : Non
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Entreprise :

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is an institution dedicated to research and innovation in Africa and aims to position itself among world-renowned universities in its fields. The University is engaged in economic and human development and puts research and innovation at the forefront of African development. A mechanism that enables it to consolidate Morocco's frontline position in these fields, in a unique partnership-based approach and boosting skills training relevant for the future of Africa. Located in the municipality of Benguerir, in the very heart of the Green City, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University aspires to leave its mark nationally, continentally, and globally.

Poste :

Job identification
Job location: UM6P Faculty of Medical Sciences (UM6P-FMS)

 Exercised function: Head of studies in Facutly of Medical Sciences (Medicine & Pharmacy)

Work environment and service description: 

Service Name : UM6P Faculty of Medical Sciences (UM6P-FMS)
Number of agents in the service: 4
Number of agents to supervise : 3
Work location: UM6P University, BEN GUERIR

Mission and Main activities:
The Head of studies coordinates all the activities of the service.  He/she ensures the necessary communication between his/her colleagues, but also with his/her direct hierarchy, the teacher-researchers, the students, the interns, the support services of the university and the internship supervisors.

The Head of Studies is responsible for supervising the planning of the academic calendar and the management of exams for all medical, pharmaceutical, and dental courses. He/she permits the good progress of trainings and the respect of milestones of the academic year. His/Her activities also include:

Schooling Management
- Ensure the administrative registration campaigns for students in medicine, pharmacy and dentistry training.
- Process applications.
- Proceed with the pedagogical registration of students.
- Convoke students to courses, seminars and exams.
- Ensure the organization and respect of the pedagogical calendar (registration, re-registration, beginning of the school year and sessions, continuous exams, final tests, vacations, etc.).
- Welcoming and orienting users (students and teachers).
- Aid and expertise in training to teachers.
- Participate in the management of complex files.
- Edit and transmit internship agreements.
- Prepare the meetings of the pedagogical commissions and send the written records.
- Participate in the organization of regular examination sessions and make-up sessions.
- Edit and transmit the records of the jury.
- Control the attendance and regularity of students.
- Design and edit student information materials.
- Encourage and support efforts to develop e-learning.
- Support the effort of pedagogical innovation.
- Collaborate in the recruitment of future students by providing educational content for various communication materials, events, etc.
- Program and organize the diploma juries.
- Coordinate the publication of the various diplomas for which the department is responsible.
- Update and distribute information related to the training of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry to students, teachers, practitioners, health establishments and the communication department (for the faculty website update).
- Coordinate work with the head of education and the student activities department to consider the pedagogical and calendar constraints of the various courses.

 Financial Management
- Participate in the financial management of the 3 training programs (follow-up of registrations and collection of fees).
- Calculate teaching expenses per teacher and per institution.
- Create revenue tracking tables for the 3 training programs.

 Management and Quality
- Supervise the School Assistants and lead the department.
- Organize the team tasks, ensuring a balanced and clear distribution for each person.
- Ensure continuity of service for users' benefit.
- Coordinate, in support of the Head of Education, leaves and career related acts of the staff, placed under his/her direct authority.
- Ensure the continuous training of the staff, in line with the technological and structural evolutions.
- Suggest and measure academic performance indicators and communicate them to his/her hierarchy.

 Regulatory monitoring
- Ensure regulatory monitoring in ongoing training of medical studies, pharmacy and dentistry.
- Participate in the updating of documents intended for communication with students: website, booklets, information leaflets,

Related activities:
- Participate in the service's logistics.
- Complete surveys and documents related to ongoing education.
- Participate in the organization of faculty tests for the 1st and 2nd cycles of medical, pharmaceutical and dental studies.
- Classify and archive documents and information.

Competences and Skills: 

Know the rules of operation of the institution.
Knowledge of the regulations specific to medical, pharmacy and dentistry degrees,
Knowledge of the medical, pharmacy and dentistry curriculum and of the training systems for health professions would be a plus.
Knowledge of the professional environment of higher education.
Knowledge of the organization and functioning of a University and a Faculty of Medicine.
Knowledge of the regulations governing examinations and contests.
Know the techniques of administrative, budgetary and everyday management.
Master the techniques of restitution and transmission of written and oral information, use electronic messaging as well as office tools (Word, Excel, Posting).


Profil recherché :

Operational Competences: 
Prioritize and plan activities according to the training schedule.
Apply and enforce regulations.
Regulate dysfunctions.
Report on work, bring up questions or difficulties.
Design and update monitoring tools. 
Soft Skills
- Sense of responsibility.
- Sense of initiative and ability to make proposals.
- Ability to manage and supervise staff:
- Conflicts management,
- Team leading,
- Sense of relationship and teamwork.
- Ability to adapt and anticipate.
- Good sense of organization and planning.
- Reactiveness, consciousness and rigorousness.
Minimum Bac+5, Master's degree in Administrative - Services Management - Education or related 
Experience and expertise in one of the 3 training programs: medicine, pharmacy and/or dentistry.
English fluency

Adresse :

Lot 660, Hay Moulay Rachid, Ben Guerir 43150

Traits de personnalité souhaités :

Recherche de nouveauté Besoin de réflexion Rationalisme Distance émotionnelle Besoin d'objectivité

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