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Entreprise :

Job Title: PhD student at UM6P on Materials and processes for water vapor adsorptive related applications

Area of Research: non-conventional cooling systems aided by dehumidification and adsorptive desalination

Localisation:University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P), Joint project between the African Sustainable Agriculture Research Institute (ASARI) in Laayoune and Technology development Cell (TechCell). The position is based in Laayoune.

Poste :

Job description:

The ASARI and CBS-GPE at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University invites applications for a PhD student to develop skills at the interface between chemistry, physical chemistry and chemical engineering. More specifically, the topic of research will be on exploring materials and systems for improving the performance of emerging non-compression air conditioning system. The PhD duration at UM6P is 1+3 years.

The position is open to individuals who hold a Master degree in the subject discipline from a recognized University. Fluency in English is required.

Key duties:

Successful candidates are expected to:

  • Perform research on the overmentioned topic in a team composed of multidisciplinary researchers.
  • Participate in the training and supervision of Master students
  • Publish the results of research in peer-reviewed international journals,


Profil recherché :

 Criteria of the candidate:

  • Master in chemistry

Ability in writing requirements for target high quality publications.

  • Willingness to learn:

How to generate new ideas, links, and to build upon existing ideas to generate good concepts and solutions;

How to improve scientific writing requirements to target high quality publications


The candidate must have demonstrated a research activity in some of the following disciplinary fields:

  •  Adsorption processes, water vapor adsorptive applications , separation processes, water adsorption processes.
  • Synthetic skills in fabricating porous materials (such as zeolites, carbon  or silica, alumina, Metal oxides or MOFs)
  • Experience in characterization of porous materials using various techniques such as BET, TGA-MS,  PXRD, SXRD, FTIR, NMR, SEM, XPS, etc …..



Adresse :

Lot 660, Hay Moulay Rachid, Ben Guerir 43150

Traits de personnalité souhaités :

Recherche de nouveauté Besoin de réflexion Respect des règles Organisation Extraversion

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